Artisan and Skilled Workers Pricing

This page covers artisan and skilled workers pricing for our artisans. In this page, you’ll get;

  • Carpentry Services Pricing (carpenters cost/price)
  • Plumbing Services Pricing (plumbers cost/price)
  • Electrical Services Pricing (electrician cost/price)
  • Building Contract Pricing (building contractors cost/price)
  • Project Supervision Pricing (project supervisors cost/price)
  • Painting and Interior Decoration Pricing (painters and interior decorators cost/price)

There are different categories in the artisan and service industry. These different artisans and skilled workers services have different pricing models that are dependent on several factors.

As a skilled service provider who understands the global and national economic situation, we diligently ensure that our artisan services price list is competitively affordable compared to the price of artisans in Nigeria.

As a professional company, we have different pricing models for our different services. 

Topmost among the things we consider while developing our artisan services cost or price include; 

  • The labor involved
  • Transportation
  • Estimate hours to be spent on the project
  • Cost of purchasing products (optional)
  • Amongst other things.

We are always transparent in this aspect of our business, which makes our clients understand our affordability compared to the general price to hire an artisan or skilled worker in Nigeria.
We always review the cost of our services to ensure we deliver maximum customer satisfaction always.
Note that when a client opts to provide the materials for the project, material cost is excluded from the quote.

Artisan Type Service Price Range
Beauty Therapist Pedicure & Manicure NGN5,000
Beauty Therapist Fixing of Nail  (acrylic ) NGN2,500
Beauty Therapist Fixing of lashes NGN1,000 and above
Beauty Therapist Facial NGN5,000
Hairdresser Fixing of hair NGN2,000
Hairdresser Braid NGN2,500
Hairdresser Ghana weaving NGN3,000
Hairdresser Installation of frontal NGN6,000
Hairdresser Fixing of Closure NGN4,000
Painter A room self contain ( Mainland without material) NGN7,000 – NGN10,000
Painter A room and parlour self ( on Mainland without materials) NGN7,000 – NGN10,000
Painter 2 Bedrooms Flat (Mainland) NGN15,000 – NGN17,000
Painter 3 Bedrooms Flat ( on Mainland without materials) NGN20,000 – NGN25,000
Mechanic Service of vehicle(oil change) Depending on the engine oil and the filter(if provided by the owner) NGN2,000
Mechanic Breakpad(if provided by owner) service charge i NGN1,000 – NGN1,500
Mechanic Changing of spark plugs.if provided by the owner NGN2,000 – NGN3,000
Fashion desiner Male ( Simple Native) NGN1,500
Fashion desiner Female ( Simple Ankara short Gown) NGN1,500
Fashion desiner Female ( Simple Ankara long Gown) NGN2,000 – NGN2,200
Electrician Fixing of ceiling fan NGN1,000 – NGN1,500
Electrician Installation of small television ( depends on size) NGN1,500-NGN2,000
Electrician Installation of television 60 inches and above NGN3,000
Electrician Fixing of lampholder NGN500
Electrician changing of socket NGN500
Electrician Changing of breaker NGN500
Electrician Fixing of change over NGN1,500-NGN2,000
Electrician Treating of fault/ suck NGN1,500-NGN2,000
Aluminium Fabrication Sliding window (4*4) NGN27,000
Aluminium Fabrication sliding door NGN35,000
Aluminium Fabrication Casement windowwith divider NGN40,000
Aluminium Fabrication Projected window NGN20,000
Aluminium Fabrication Partition depends on size NGN80,000-NGN150,000
Barber Cut and Dye ( Adult) NGN1,500
Barber Dreadlock and tilt NGN5,000
Barber Cut (Adult) NGN300-NGN500

If you have any questions regarding our artisan and skilled workers pricing, kindly reach out to us via our contact channels.